Chairman: Ruth Jacobs

The Representative Council of Birmingham & Midland Jewry comprises the lay leadership of the Jewish communities in England’s West Midlands region. Over 20 Jewish organisations are represented the council consists of over 30 delegates. There is also an executive with a executive chairman, vice chairman, president, vice president, treasurer and secretary.

The council was formed in the late 1940s and over the years its involved itself in promoting the lay interests of the community, liaising with its constituent organisations which include all the synagogues, with Jewish communities abroad, and with the non-Jewish community.

The council currently meets four times a year, as does the executive. Recently, a strategic plan has been formulated which aims at including working towards ensuring the security of the community, its members and organisations, promoting Jewish culture and education across the ages, enhancing the harmony across local Jewish congregations of all religious affiliations, advancing the interests of its youth, and promoting a number of social and other activities. Its main focus of interest is currently working towards implementing strategies which will retain its members and enhance its size by attracting Jews from any part of the world to come and live in this region of England.

For further information, please contact:

The Administrative Secretary,
The Representative Council of Birmingham & Midland Jewry,
Ellis Street,
Birmingham B1 1HL

Tel/Fax: +44(0) 121 643 2688


26 Somerset Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2QD

tel: +44(0)121 454 5684 / +44(0)121 455 8116

Lettings: Bella Lupasco 0121 471 4370

The Hillel House is a self-catering student hostel for 41 students. A centre for Jewish Society activities, it also acts as a focal point for all Jewish students whether resident or not. Its regular friday night meals (onegim) are especially well-attended.




For further information please contact Ruth Jacobs

We aim to provide a day out for ladies and gentlemen of a mature age with a variety of activities ranging from bridge and other card games, quizzes, outside speakers and visits to local interest spots. Morning coffee, luncheon and tea are served. We meet regularly, every Tuesday from 10.30am onwards.  Come along! -

Further details available from



Solihull Jewish Community Centre, 3, Monastery Drive, Solihull, B91 1DW

Co-ordinator: Ruth Abrahams

The Thursday Club meets every Thursday from 11am - 2pm. It provides a venue for the over 60's to meet in a social setting. We have a full programme of activities as well as a hot meal. For more information visit our website


Chair: Arthur Gremson
Tel: +44(0)121 643 0884

The Birmingham Jewish Education Board (BJEB) was formed in 1993 by the three Orthodox Synagogues and is a registered charity whose object is the provision of Orthodox Jewish Education in Birmingham. The BJEB organises and runs the following activities:

* A Cheder (the BJEB Talmud Torah) for children up to barmitzvah age
* A separate Bat Chayil programme.
* A GCSE Ivrit course for teenagers and adults.
* A GCSE Jewish Studies course for teenagers and adults.

*** New - Adult Education programme starting in January 2006.

In order to support these activities fundraising is a vital part of the BJEB's work, and in addition to funding the above an annual contribution is made by the BJEB to the King David School in order to further the Jewish Education delivered therein.



For further information contact: Keith Drapkin.

e-mail: or

Established in 1935, the Birmingham Jewish Recorder is the medium of communal communications. It is published monthly and features reports on communal events, details of communal societies and includes articles about Israel and of general interest. Most Recorders are delivered by hand on the first of every month and a number are posted to overseas readers and those living outside the Birmingham/Solihull area. It has an estimated readership of over 1500.

Among The Recorder's regular features are a 'Youth Scene' page; an education page compiled by the local Jewish school, King David; 'Rovings', which includes vignettes of particular local interest; Israel news compiled by the Israel Information Centre; a Bridge page; a Crossword and of course, editorials and special feature articles.

The Recorder is not affiliated to any of the local synagogues and attempts at all times to present a true and impartial picture of the many interests and activities within the community. It has always been a strong supporter of Israel and offers a truthful presentation of communal life as highlighted through the pages of its monthly issues. At its annual general meeting, the Tudor Baron Trophy is presented to a writer who has contributed an article of particular interest and literary standard and the Joseph Cohen Trophy is presented to a writer who has contributed a series of articles during the year.



19, Silverstone Court, Riverbrook Drive, Birmingham B30 2SH

Tel: +44(0)121-459 3418
Fax: +44(0)121-459 3437
Director: Mr Irving Myers

The BJCC provides social welfare services for all Jews throughout the West Midlands.

Our services include:

1. A dually registered residential and nursing home for the frail and elderly, named Andrew Cohen House. Accommodation comprises 59 large single rooms, mainly en-suite.

2. A day-centre with transport facilities.

3. Social work department.

4. Kosher Meals-on-Wheels delivered to private homes. The supply of kosher meals to all hospitals throughout the region as required.

5. Through a sister Organisation - Birmingham Jewish Housing Association - one bedroom flats are offered for rent, mainly sheltered units with a resident warden.

The Board's services are intended to meet the needs as they arise of Jewish people in the West Midlands, grants of money. Every application receives careful assessment including by a social worker who reports to the Director.



For further information please contact Ruth Jacobs

Our volunteer service is provided under the auspices of the Birmingham Jewish Community Care group, and aims to enable those in hospital or at home to receive visits. For further information, please contact Sharon Lea on +44(0)121-643 2835.



c/o 0121 643 2688

The Trust exists to facilitate activities for young people between the ages of 5-18 within the local Jewish communities. The Youth Trust acts as a point of contact and possible venue for all of the major youth movements.



Communal Prize Manager: Mr Ron Davis

There is a need to encourage the whole community to contribute to the needs of its organisations, regardless of any sense of partisanship, at a time when the wider community is stretched by financial demands.

The Communal Trust Fund (CTF) was set up as a subcommittee of the Representative Council to achieve this objective, the idea being that funds would be raised for the whole community by the whole community but without depriving any organisation of it automony to raise its own funds. The responsibility was devolved to five Trustees who in turn invited members of the community to join an Management Team whose remit was to conceive and co-ordinate activities to raise funds communally. The CTF was formally set up in May 1988, since when the project undertaken, especially a successful ongoin monthly Communal Prize Draw, have raised several thousands of pounds. The Trustees meet on a regular basis to respond to application for financial help made by local communal organisations, many of which have now benefited over the years.



Singers Hill, Ellis Street, Birmingham B1 1HL

Tel/Fax: +44(0)121-643 2688
Director: Mrs Ruth Jacobs

The Centre, which is under the aegis of the Public Affairs Department of the Israel Embassy, is based in Birmingham and covers the whole of the Midlands.

It provides information on all aspects of Israel as well as information and resource material about Judaism, the Holocaust and this community. Speakers on all these subjects are regularly provided to schools, church groups, educators, Rotary clubs and other societies. This office has established strong links with chambers of commerce and industry and academics in order to facilitate appropriate links with Israeli counterparts, and has fostered relationships with different faith groups to create a better awareness of Judaism and Israel.

A small annual subscription provides a quarterly newsletter giving a digest of interesting articles about Israel and also information of forthcoming local events, some of which subscribers can attend at a reduced entrance fee.

Reference books and a selection of free material and up-to-date Israeli periodicals and newspapers (written in English) are available at the Centre, and the well stocked Bookshop has books, greetings cards, Israeli gifts and Judaica for sale. Visitors are welcome to the Centre, although it is advisable to phone first. The office is open from 10.00 - 4.00 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays or at other times by appointment.



Headteacher: Mr. Steve Langford
Phone and Fax: +44(0)121 449 3364


King David is a Primary School with a difference.  It is a Jewish School, but with a large mix of children from different ethnic and religious backgrounds, achieving high academic standards.  It is an exciting school, dedicated to promoting racial harmony and widely praised for its achievements in this field.  It has a family atmosphere, very supportive parents, committed staff, enthusiastic pupils and a governing body that encourages its staff to develop and be innovative.

It caters for children aged three to eleven and has 247 children on roll.  Approximately 40 per cent are Jewish.  It welcomes children from the whole Jewish community, irrespective as to whether they are from orthodox or progressive and reform backgrounds.  Indeed, any child with any Jewish connection is accepted.  The school also has pupils from a wide diversity of different ethnic and faith groups.  The majority of non-Jewish pupils are Muslim, the remainder being mainly Christians, Hindus and Sikhs.  In this respect the school is unique and has been commended by OFSTED in their report of 2002 as having "very good integration of different faiths and ethnic groups".

The parents are very supportive of their children's education in its widest sense.  As the only Jewish school in the West Midlands, it often represents the Jewish faith at outside events and welcomes groups to the school to see the celebration of Jewish festivals and activities.



Central Synagogue, 133 Pershore Road, B5 7PA

For further information please contact Ruth Jacobs

The BJEB library contains a wide range of books on all areas relating to Judaism and Jewish life. Apart from a wide selection of Jewish and Jewish-related fiction, there are also a varied and comprehensive selection of works on all areas of history, culture, relgion and Israel. The library also has an excellent music and Compact Disc collection available for lending.

The library is housed next to Central Synagogue, above the Malcom Locker Hall. It is open every Sunday from 10 AM to 1 PM, whenever the BJEB cheder is operating.




Solihull Jewish Community Centre, 3, Monastery Drive, Solihull, B91 1 DW

The Stanley Middleburgh Library contains 1000 books and 150 videos of Jewish interest. The library is open every Sunday from 10am to 1pm, and every Thursday from 11am to 2pm. Other times by appointment.


Tel: +44(0)121-440 6673 Fax: +44(0)121-446 4199

Director: Rabbi S. Arkush
Youth Director: Rabbi Y Pink

Lubavitch in the Midlands is in regular contact with over 1,500 families. The Birmingham Lubavitch Centre serves as a home for various community groups. It houses a well stocked Gift and Bookshop, the popular Mcdovid's (kosher sit-down or take-away fast food), the Top Room Restaurant, a library, a Mikveh, the Minyan Synagogue, Youth facilities and a Resources Centre. Educational programmes for all ages include GCSE courses in Ivrit and Jewish Studies, weekly classes for retired and non-working people, pre-festival lectures and exhibitions. Youth activities include winter and summer Day Camps as well as activities during half term. Other activities include weekly Jewish assemblies in non-Jewish schools, a resource department for non-Jewish schools (Lubavitch Council for Schools, 0121-446 4523) women's activities etc.



The Chaplaincy, The University of Birmingham, B15 2TT

Tel: +44(0)121-455 8532 / +44(0)121-440 1359
Mobile: +44(0)7771 653 717

Chaplain: Rabbi Fishel Cohen
Chairman: Mr Leon Jacobson

We aim to provide pastoral and religious support for all Jewish students on university campuses in the Midlands.

In the Birmingham area, these include Aston University, the University of Birmingham and the University of Central England- all of which have active and thriving Jewish societies, and are affiliated to the Union of Jewish Students.

Jewish student accomodation is available at the Birmingham Hillel House. Please make contact for further details, advice or information.



Tel: 0121 706 8736 e-mail:

The Birmingham Rabbinic Board consists of Rabbi Shmuel Arkush (Chaplain, Birmingham Jewish Community Care), Rabbi Shlom Odze (Central Synagogue) Rabbi Yehudah Pink ( Solihull Synagogue) and Rabbi Yossi Jacobs (Singers Hill Synagogue).

The Rabbinic Board concerns itself only with inter-community matters - kashrut, shomrim, the  communal mikve, Chevra Kadisha etc. Within each synagogue each Rav is the halachic authority. The Rabbinic Board was founded in 1994 and is recognised by and under the jurisdiction of the London Beth Din and the Chief Rabbi.



Tel: +44(0)121-440 6673 Fax: +44(0)121-446 4199

Director: Rabbi S. Arkush

Operation Judaism monitors the growing missionary menace and provides advice and expert counselling wherever it is required in the UK. It is important that all incidents of missionary activity are reported to the office which maintains a 24-hour answerphone. Advice is also available on cults.