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What is Brijnet

Brijnet are the pioneers of UK Jewish "internetting". As a result of our activities a number of organisations and individuals have gone on line and others are about to join the information revolution.

Brijnet was formed in 1990 by Avrum Goodblat (founder of the Shamash service in the USA) and is the longest established Jewish Internet provider in the UK. It operates with similar initiatives around the world providing an umbrella organisations for co-operation for local initiatives.

Brijnet has one aim - that of working with the Internet in the community

Brijnet Services

Brijnet offers a one-stop shop for Jewish internet services - providing:

Other activities include:

In other words, Brijnet provides you with real/immediate and useful help from the internet

Brijnet now works with media suppliers to offer commercial web-based advertising and consultancy.

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