This is a page to test whether your
World Wide Web Browser
is set to view Ivrit/Hebrew.

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Text on web pages are dominated by the Latin alphabet since English is the major language of the Internet.

To display Ivrit/Hebrew (or any other language using a non-Latin alphabet) is a problem to which there are two solutions

  1. display them as images (gifs, jpegs) rather than text. This has the advantage of not needing any special software. However images take longer to download than text and whilst a few words or phrases can come down relatively quickly, it is not practical to do this for a whole page. In addition those many people who turn off automatic loading of images, so that pages display quicker, would not see the Ivrit.

  2. hence the second solution (developed in Israel where many web pages are either solely in Ivrit or bi-lingual) providing special fonts (similar to but not the same as those used for word processing packages) which can be downloaded, installed on to your machine and with minor modifications your web browser can be changed to read the Ivrit where it comes up whilst still showing the English characters.

Brijnet has started to use some Ivrit on web pages and have compiled a downloadable program, incoroporating a number of fonts and a readme file with (hopefully) easy instructions on how to install it.

At the moment this is the PC version which is suitable for Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer running under either Windows 3.x or 95.

Ivrit Test

With the Ivrit fonts installed the following lines should display properly:

ú ù ø ÷ õ ö ó ô ò ñ ï ð í î ì ê ë é è ç æ å ä ã â á à

íéàáä íéëåøá

If however all you can see are a set of strange characters then


you can't read Hebrew !! sorry can't help you there :(


your browser has not been correctly set-up
for this we can help you :)
click here to see how.

Linking to this web page

If you wish to add a link from your web page to here feel free to add the following HTML anchor, which will also display a suitable logo:

<H3>To read Ivrit (Hebrew) text on your web browser click <A HREF=""><IMG SRC="" BORDER=0 HEIGHT=40 WIDTH=40></A> here to download free fonts together with an easy installation explanation<BR><BR><FONT SIZE="3"><I>Provided by Brijnet - British Jewish Network</I></FONT></H3>

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