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Rabbi Hool

As one of the longest serving United Synagogue Rabbis, Rabbi Hool is respected both within the borders of Kingsbury and beyond in the wider Jewish community. He established the first United Synagogue Mikva on our Shul premises. When Project Seed began, it was Rabbi Hool痴 suggestion that they first come to Kingsbury and there are now weekly meetings here and in most United Synagogues. The idea of a de-centralised voluntary Chevra Kadisha was first established in Kingsbury and our Chevra has trained many other Shuls.

Rabbi Hool's last Shabbat as our Rav was on 4th September 2004, when a special Shabbaton was organised.  A tribute dinner took place on Sunday evening March 20th 2005, at which the Rabbi Hool Bursary Foundation was launched. 

Rabbi Zvi Cohen

Rabbi Zvi Cohen originally comes from Southgate where four generations of his family still live.

After seven years at Hasmonean High School in Hendon , he spent a further seven years learning in The Gateshead Yeshiva / Talmudical College, from where he received his Semicha / Rabbinical Diploma in 1994.

In 1997 he moved back to London to join the Ilford Kollel and Outreach Centre, where he was involved in numerous adult education projects as well as a being a regular speaker and officiant in many of the synagogues in the Redbridge area. During this time Rabbi Cohen also spent three years as the one-to-one co-ordinator for the JLE in Golders Green.

In 2002 he joined the Avigdor Primary School as a Kodesh teacher receiving his Teaching Qualification (QTS) in 2003. From there he moved to The Noam Primary School (currently in Wembley) where he now teaches.

Rabbi Cohen is married to Rivky and they have twelve children (K'neine Horah), Yehudah値e, Chana値e, Rochel値e, Shlomo値e, Brocha値e, Avroma値e, Yossele, Moishe, Aryeh Zeev, Yechezkel Shraga, Miriam Freyda and Yisroel Yaakov (S'ruli).

Together they in Salmon Street, and have said how much they enjoy living in and working with what they have found to be such a very warm and friendly community! 

Rabbi Cohen can be reached by email at zvicohen@live.com .




At the Annual General Meeting of the Synagogue, held on 18th May 2016, the following were appointed to office for the coming year:

Wardens/Chairman & Vice Chairman - Harvey Jacobs and Jonathan Landaw

 Financial Representative - Julian Mann

Board of Management - 

                         Messrs Stanley Aarons

                                   Stephen Hearne
Wayne Birnbaum
Harold Stone

                                   Richard Shaw (co-opted)


                    Mesdames Pat Goodman
Mary Ann Landaw
Sharon Linderman

Representative at the Board of Deputies -

                                 Mr Jonathan Brody

Representatives on US Council -

                                  Mrs Pat Goodman

                                  Mr Richard Shaw