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For details of all shiurim being given by Rabbi Cohen for the whole community, please click here.

80th Anniversary Garden Party Video

The official video of the speeches at the 80th Anniversary Garden Party may be viewed on YouTube by clicking here

Mazal Tov

To Sylvia and Henry Malnick on the birth of a grandson, a son for Ruth and Avi Klein (27 December)

To Rayner Barnett on the Bas Mitzvah f her granddaughter, Sophie Barnett (December)

To Mignonette and Stanley Aarons on the birth of a first great grandchild (21 November)

To Rabbi Dr. Julian and Rosalyn Shindler on the marriage of their daughter Avital to Josh Sands (6 November)

To Cynthia Green on the marriage of her grandson Avner Green, son Andrew and Aliza Green, to Rotem Caro (October)

To Joan Davis on the birth of a great-grandson (October)


To Ruth Plaut on the passing of her mother, Mrs. Anita Brack A"H (December)

To the family of Lionel Belkin A"H (November)

To the family of Benjy Hockley A"H (17 October)

To Rayner Barnett and family on the passing of Michael Barnett A"H (14 October)

Refuah Sheleima

We wish all those members who are unwell a Refuah Sheleima