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For details of all shiurim being given by Rabbi Cohen for the whole community, please click here.

80th Anniversary Garden Party Video

The official video of the speeches at the 80th Anniversary Garden Party may be viewed on YouTube by clicking here

Mazal Tov

To Rabbi Zvi Cohen on being awarded an MA degree in Jewish Education (January)

To Rabbi Zvi and Rivky Cohen on the birth of a daughter, Shoshana Devorah Yetta (13 January)

To Rabbi Zvi and Rivky Cohen on the marriage of Chanele to Yissochor ("Sochi") Jacobson (10 January)

To Susan and Shum Herold on the birth of their granddaughter Noga, a daughter for Tova and Tomer Burstein (January)

To Cyril Brill on his 85th birthday (January)

To Mignonette and Stanley Aarons on their Diamond Wedding Anniversary (8 December)

To Roz and Stephen Phillips on the birth in Netanya of a granddaughter, a daughter for Abi and Zvi Ormonde (1 November)


To Lawrence Myers on the passing of his brother, Tony Myers A"H (January)

To the Family of Peter Fenton A"H (December)

To Julian Sharman on the passing of his mother, Mrs. Jessica Sharman A"H (December)

Refuah Sheleima

We wish all those members who are unwell a Refuah Sheleima