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The British campaign to free Israel's missing soldiers has launched a new Europe-wide petition to free the men. The petition is aimed at European Leaders because during the Western hostage crisis of the late 80s Israel released hundreds of Arab prisoners to facilitate the release of western hostages like Terry Waite and John McArthy. Israel believed that it would receive help from the West to secure the release of Israelis missing in action. To date there are still four Israelis missing.

Zachary Baumel

Zvi Feldman

Over 80,000 signatures have already been presented to EU leaders at the final meeting of Britain's presidency of the European Union in Cardiff, Wales in mid-June 1998. We need more signatures to make sure the boys are not forgotten.

Zachary Baumel, Zvi Feldman and Yehuda Katz have been in captivity since 1982 and Ron Arad since 1986.

Please help free the boys by signing our petition and getting others to do the same.

The first call of this petition in April 1998 also sought the 'immediate return of the remains of ITAMAR ILIYA'. As a result of a swap, that has now been achieved. Hopefully the revised call will have an equally positive response

Yehuda Katz

Ron Arad

We are looking for as many organisations and individuals as possible to gather signatures for the petition and we would welcome help for this from other countries in Europe.

You can either print the petition from the next web page or contact the Campaign and ask them to send you a copy either as an attachment file (by e-mail) or hard copy (by post).

Click here for the Web Petition

The UK Campaign for Israel's MIAs is grateful to Brijnet for setting up this web site for the campaign

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